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European Men Love to Fuck on Live Gay Cams

If you’re looking for hot studs from around the world, you can find them right at home.

Live gay cam model Beau Tucker flexing muscles on webcam!

When it comes to traveling, we love sight-seeing, exploring new cultures, and making memories. But, sometimes, we envision something more alluring. There’s the idea of coming across a hot man who will find us underneath the Eiffel Tower. He makes his way into our lives as we pull out the baguette. Little do we know that this handsome stranger has something else tasty waiting to pop out.

But what if you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and travel the globe to find this handsome stranger? What if you can find him right from your computer?

Live gay sex model Brooklyn Spencer poses on his live stream!

Thousands of men from around the world are going live 24 hours a day. They’re having virtual gay sex on and they’re waiting to be pounded. The best European men give amazing ass play shows on gay cams. Some of them have been camming for years so they know exactly how to make their fans cum back for more.

Take a look at these gorgeous European studs who will bring your vacation fantasies to life.

Izzi– Italian

Italian Gay live cam model Izzi streaming in his living room.

Can you believe this man has been camming for 13 years? This handsome 38-year-old gets sexier in every show. He can do everything: domination, bottom play, ball gags, foot fetish, nipple play, romantic words, you name it. He’s a star in the camming world and still has lots to show. If you haven’t met Izzi, what are you waiting for? Check him out live!

Brooklyn Spencer– Czech and French

live gay cams model Brooklyn Spencer models in underwear!

Czech men know how to fuck when they’re on camera. Brooklyn is a cutie with a booty. He’s always horny and loves showing his ass, especially in jockstraps. One of his goals is to cum more than twice. If you can make that happen, then Brooklyn might declare you his favorite fuck buddy!

Paolo Arreola– Czech

European live gay cam streamer Paolo Arreola

Have you seen a man more glorious? Paolo is what dreams are made of. He knows how to keep his fans entertained with his beautiful face and those massive abs. It’s absolute magic with Paolo when he wears tight undies that show the beauty underneath. Just wait till this guy blows…it’s unbelievably scrumptious.

Pierce Bailey– Czech

Czech live gay cam model Pierce Bailey poses in pool

Dive into your Czech fantasies with another cutie. Pierce loves giving ass shows on gay cams whether he’s using an interactive toy or shaking that behind like a rock star. He’s here to please his tops who need a young bottom. His ability to take dick has turned this model into a legend. Be sure to send him a nice tip when he bends over.

Beau Tucker– European

Live gay cams model Beau Tucker streaming gay sex on

Calling all muscle fans: Beau is here to make your fantasies come true. This god-like stud is everything when it comes to a sculpted figure. He’s got the arms, chest, abs, legs, and ass that we need. His tasty biceps are like no other. And those legs- we thought those could only be found in the comics. Check out this European man who can bring all dominating thoughts to life.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlie Florenzi Talks Camming Success and More

“I love to share my body.”

Charlie Florenzi is the new star of gay cams. He got started on at the end of 2023 and he’s already one of the top models online. In a few short months, this 21-year-old has made fans cum massive loads. He loves teasing, ass play, and lots of jerking off.

In an exclusive interview, Charlie talked about what it’s been like to be a top cam hunk in 2024. He also talked about upcoming plans and the secret to becoming a success.

Be sure to check this cutie out in your next private show!

Ohmybutt gay cams model Charlie Florenzi lays down

Why did you decide to be a webcam model? 

⁠I like new experiences and I’m not afraid of new things so I said why not haha.

You’ve been camming with us for just a few months. How are you liking it so far? 

I feel like there are really kind people on this site who are really supportive. That’s why I like it and I also love to have fun.

What is something you would like to do on cam that you haven’t tried yet? 

Trampoline would be cool.

Did you expect to become one of the top cam guys after such a short time? 

I didn’t expect this. I knew I wanted to work, but it would take some time to move up. But thanks to advice, I moved faster than I expected. I am very happy about that. 

Live gay cams streamer Charlie Florenzi streaming on Ohmybutt cams

Best way for a customer to break the ice with you?  

⁠⁠It’s simple. Say hi and I’ll go on with the conversation. 

What do customers usually notice about you first?  

⁠⁠Cute face haha at least they say it. 

What do you love most about being a cam model?  

I can be myself here and there will be always people who find me funny, cute, sexy, or kind. That’s why it’s FLORENZI FAMILY here.

Favorite spring activity?  

I am more of a summer guy, but festivals and weather are starting to get better.

Gay cams model Charlie Florenzi posing for an interview picture.

Any shows planned for Cinco De Mayo?  

Oh easy! I’ll duo again with Randy Rollins haha we belong to each other. I have a great vibe with him.

What is a Cinco De Mayo fetish you would love to try? 

Let’s have a secret. I am not scared of new things.

If I weren’t camming, I would be a ________   

⁠⁠I would be probably working as a video editor as I did before.

Where do you hope to be five years from now?  

Hopefully still here with my FLORENZI FAMILY- not planning to leave it.

Ohmybutt gay cams model Charlie Florenzi posing naked

What is the best way to make you laugh?  

⁠⁠I like different kinds of humor.

Craziest place you have had sex?  

⁠Nothing crazy haha I’m boring in this. I love it simple.

How often do you cum when you’re not on camera?  

Not much. I am saving it for guys in my room!

Top or bottom?  


Best way to make you cum on cam?  

⁠⁠Just watch and I’ll do it for you.

Favorite fetishes?  

⁠⁠You can check my profile- all there! 

Favorite hobbies?  

Probably gym and football, nothing special haha.

What’s an unusual skill you have?  

I can jump around for hours. 

Gay cams model Charlie Florenzi live streaming on ohmybutt and Flirt4free live gay cams

Outfit that gets the most responses when you wear it on cam?  

Probably old money style or my t-shirt with the title “BEAUTY IS CRIME.”

What tips would you suggest for someone else who wants to be a cam superstar?  

Be kind, be yourself, don’t push anyone if they don’t ask for it, and most importantly, be patient. You need to build your friendship with your community and let them be part of your life.

Any naughty Cinco De Mayo memories? 

⁠⁠I have never done it haha.

Have you always been a sexual person? 

⁠⁠It’s like 50/50 it depends on my mood a lot.

Anything else you want to mention? 

⁠⁠Only that I really appreciate my family in the room hyping it and supporting me. It’s so nice and sweet to see them cheering me up. 🙂 

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Exclusives guys

Exclusive Interview with Live Gay Cam Streamer Randy Rollins

Randy Rollins is the new star of gay cams. This handsome BelAmi boy got his start on last August. In his short amount of time online, this man has soared to the top. At the ripe age of 20, this cutie is just getting started.

In an exclusive interview, Randy had a lot to say about getting naked on live porn. He talked about what his fans love about him, his future plans in the camming world, and what makes his cock hard. Read on for the full interview and be sure to check Randy out in your next private show!

Gay cams model Randy Rollins posing for picture.

You’ve been camming with us for about five months now. How are you liking it so far? 

I must say that I like it very much. I can meet a lot of new guys and I like that work where I can do things by myself.

What is something you would like to do on cam that you haven’t tried yet? 

I don’t know now because I can invent all things only in the best situation.

What do customers usually notice about you first?  

When I’m in the mood, I’m really hyperactive. And my muscular body 

Favorite winter activity?  

Skiing or something in the mountains.

If I weren’t camming, I would be a ________   

Lawyer or policeman.

Gay cams models Randy Rollins staring at reflection in the mirror.

Where do you hope to be five years from now?  

Maybe a different type of life than now or maybe in a different country.

What is the best way to make you laugh?  

To tell me some funny jokes.

Craziest place you have had sex?  

In a car. Or in a tent. Or in a pool. But it was not as comfortable as in normal places.

How often do you cum when you’re not on camera?  

It’s always different. It depends on my horny mood but once or twice a day.

Top or bottom?  

I’m vers.

Gay cams model Randy Rollins poses in boxer-briefs.

Best way to make you cum on cam?  

If I’m really horny and when I imagine some good sexy situations.

Favorite fetishes?  

Tickling on the balls and I would love to try some bondage one day.

Favorite sex position?  

Doggy style.

Favorite hobbies?  

My favorite hobbies are cars, gym, boxing, and spending time with my friends.

How many tattoos do you have?  

I have 6 tattoos and I want one more.

Gay cams model Randy Rollins headshots.

What’s an unusual skill you have? 

I can act like an actor and I can do a lot of things like be a gymnast in shows.

What does a perfect date look like to you?  

I love to go outside, to talk a lot and get to know each other better and after that, have a good dinner.

What country has the wildest customers?  

I think Czech Republic.

Was it intimidating the first time you were on webcam?  

It was something different, but all jobs are different when you don’t have the experience with that, but I love it now.

Best way for a customer to break the ice with you?  

Maybe when they are in the same mood as me.

What is your favorite length of show?  

It depends on the mood but I love about 40-60 minutes.

Outfit that gets the most responses when you wear it on cam?  

Maybe if I have a tank top. They love it so much.

What’s the next thing you plan to add to your room?  

Maybe a board for names who will be the best.

What have you discovered about yourself since becoming a cam superstar?  

I set a different mindset and I discovered that I could do more things.

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you’re about to start camming?   

A lot of people will judge me that I’m bad but it’s not true.

What is the weirdest thing a customer has asked you to do? 

One customer asked me if I could throw yogurt on my balls.

What tips would you suggest for someone else who wants to be a cam superstar?  

The main thing is to be yourself and be positive.

Who are your other favorite cam stars?  

Brooklyn Spencer.

What were you like before camming?  

I was the same as now. Crazy and sexy with a little bit of smaller muscles.

What kind of shows do you have coming up?  

It’s a surprise…

What is the best present a customer can give you?   

My dream tip is 7777cr because 7 is my favorite and lucky number.

What are you proudest of?  


How many languages do you speak? Which ones? 

I speak two languages- English and Czech, and I want to learn Italian and French.

What are your goals for the rest of 2024?   

To buy a new car is my first goal and to travel.

How do you stay positive when times get rough? 

My mind gets positive when I can do something for myself so when I’m going to clear my mind, I go to the gym or I go run or walk.

Say one sentence a customer must say to seduce you.   

Maybe “You look like my future boyfriend.”

What are your tips for anyone who wants to be as beautiful as you are?  

Take care of yourself, eat healthy, and go to the gym.

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? 

I have a lot of fantasies. One day, I want to try to be submissive because I’m dominant in sex.

What customer trait turns you on the most?  

When they are funny so I can fall in love faster.

What is the highest number of orgasms you’ve had in one session?  

3 times. 

Best blowjob tips?  

You must use your lips a lot and twist them. 

Tips for a stronger orgasm?   

It’s better to hold it until your balls hurt a bit and after it’s strong like you are cumming like a firefighter.

Dick size preference?  

I prefer something in the middle like 15-18 cm.

Give oral or receive oral?  


Spanking or hair pulling?  

I prefer spanking but pulling hair is good too. 

What fictional character or celebrity sparked your sexual awakening?  

Maybe Mikaela from ‘Transformers.’

Where do you want to go most on your next vacation?  

I want go to Bali.

Where’s the most interesting place you met a new lover?  

It was in Dubai. I enjoyed it there a lot.

How many days per week do you work out?  

5 times a week.

What are your best workout tips?  

That you need to work out a lot and after, the main thing is rest.

Favorite spot for your guy to cum?  


Favorite toy?  

Ohmi bod or dildo.

Favorite spot to be kissed? 

On my mouth or dick.

Favorite role-play scenarios to act out?  

Bad policeman and robber or master and slave.

Favorite kind of underwear?  


Favorite ice cream flavor?  


Favorite movie?  

‘Fast and Furious’ or ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

Favorite holiday?  


Favorite Disney character?  


Favorite alcoholic drink?  

Blue Lagoon or vodka with energy drink or Jack Daniels honey.

Favorite superhero?  


Favorite swear word?  


Favorite body part to work out?  

Chest, back, arms.

What is your dream car?  

My dream car is a BMW M3 in khaki colour or a Mercedes CLA 250.

Who is your celebrity crush?  

Megan Fox 

What is your spirit animal?  

I’m feeling like a tiger or shark  and something peaceful in one.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  

Maybe invisibility or flying. 

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Sexy Butts

All Your Ass Play Needs Happening Now in 2024

This is the ‘bottom’ line…

Happy New Year, boys! Time to start 2024 with the best asses around! Thousands of hunks are going behind the camera for all your ass play needs. As they soon as they get on all fours, that ass is yours. Take a look at some things we can look forward to this year on gay cams…

Dammian Miller

Anal Training

New guys are signing up for live porn every day. Some of them are still new at taking it up the ass. So they might need someone to teach them what to do. They have the dildoes ready, but how exactly do they stick it inside? How much lube do they need? They’ll need someone who can take charge and show them how to be true power bottoms.

Diago Rockfield

Special Toys

There are all kinds of sex objects that cam guys are using. From silicone toys, to interactive buzzers, to butt plugs, they’ll be stretching those holes just for you. Some of those toys are for beginners, others are for experts. You can see your man start off with a small dildo then expand to a giant one as he rides it like a true stud!

Mauro C


If you have a thing for watching couples, then this will definitely be happening. But if you like solo shows, there are other ways to enjoy ass-eating on camera. Feel free to get your own rubber ass and show your man how much you like tickling his hole with your tongue. When he’s sticking that booty out for you, he’ll spread his cheeks as you can see how tasty he looks. As you spit on your silicone friend, your man will moan with ecstasy.

Noah Sandler


It’s the best, right? Watching your man get on all fours showing every last inch of that ass. Then he gives himself a hard (or soft) smack. He can start off slow before giving himself a blazing red mark. Or, he can bring in a paddle and go all our. He might just tease with spanks here and there. Take your pick and spanking can be your show.

Sean Mendes

Bottom Bitch Boys

As we move into the new year, we learn more about men behind the camera. Some of them might look new to bottoming, but a lot of these guys have been camming for years. So they can show you exactly how much they love to take it up the ass. Take your pick and find a man who will satisfy your bottoming needs. Isn’t that what ass play is all about?

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Epic Live Gay Cam Models Gabriel and Harper Exclusive Interview

“We have a lot of energy…can you help us with that?”

Gabriel and Harper started working as a camming couple earlier this fall. After only two months, they turned into one of the hottest and most requested couples on gay cams. These Belami boys love giving their fans what they’re looking for…whether it’s cock teasing, sex toys, or wild roleplay scenarios.

In an exclusive interview, these two opened up about life behind the camera. They mentioned what they love about camming together as well as something they have yet to try, but would love to do for the right fans.

Check out the full interview with Gabriel and Harper, and be sure to check them out on!

Gay cams models Harper and Gabriel embracing in a hug

Why did you guys decide to be webcam models?

We were looking for some work and we tried it. Now, we love it.

You’ve been camming as a couple for just a few weeks now. How are you liking it so far?

We have fun and we like it very much.

What are some of the best things about camming with someone else versus camming by yourself? 

We are helping each other.  We are two of everything.

What is something you guys would like to do on cam that you haven’t tried yet?

Fuck Machine.

What do customers usually notice about you guys first?

Sexy bodies preparing for action.

gay webcam models Gabriel and Harper flexing their biceps

What do you love most about being cam models?

Flexibile work time and conversations with customers. Many of them are very smart and kind.

Favorite fall activities?

Kite flying.

Where do you two hope to be five years from now?

Winners of FOTY.

What is the best way to make you two laugh?

Don’t be afraid and be funny.

How often do you two cum when you’re not on camera?

Every day.

Gay models Gabriel and Harper show off their rock hard abs

Best way to make you two cum on cam?

Take us to private and play with us.

Favorite toy?


Favorite fetishes?


Favorite hobbies?

Gym and partying. 

What country has the wildest customers?

Don’t know, all Flirt is WILD!

Gay cam stars Gabriel and Harper laying down in underwear

How would you compare yourselves from the time you guys started as cam models to where you are now? 

We know how to do it now and how it enjoy it in front of the Camera. 

What are your tips for anyone who wants to be as beautiful as you guys are?

Work for BelAmi.

What does sexy mean to you guys?

If someone is sexy, he is sexy – sexy meaning – for fucking.

Spanking or hair pulling?


Favorite spots to be kissed?

Armpit, mouth, cock, ass.

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Big Dicks

Big Dicks Looking For Tight Holes on Live Porn

The bigger, the better.

Sometimes, we need to face a ‘massive’ challenge.

We all love big cocks. That’s one of the reasons why we love being gay!

There’s something special about being able to take a big dick- whatever hole it’s going into. It requires practice to take a 9-inch shaft up the ass, but if the guy is hot, then challenge accepted!

It might take time to actually enjoy it, but when you take that massive cock like a bitch boy bottom, you can be proud of yourself for being such a champion. We live in a world where straight men who claim to be so alpha could never handle this kind of strength. Bottoms know what they’re doing and know how to be the heroes in their stories by taking those big dicks. Just make sure to bring extra lube…we might be strong, but we’re not made-up superheroes!

If you like seeing men pull out their cocks on gay cams, then check out these gorgeous studs below. They’ll show you how big they are as they slowly stroke to the thought of fucking your tight hole. Let them know that you’re a dick man and they’ll show you every last inch.

Find these men on and see how hard they cum out of those amazing shafts.

Dante Adamss– 9 inches

Gay cam model Dante Adams 9 inch dick

Patrick Stonne– 8 inches

gay cam model Patrick Stone with 8 inch dick

Johnnie Red– 7 inches

gay cam model Johnnie Red and 7 inch dick

Denzel Cosby– 8 inches

Ohmybutt gay cam model Denzel Cosby with 8 inch dick

Sean Mendes– 7 inches

Ohmybutt gay cams star Sean Mendes with 7 inch dick

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Celebrate Halloween With Hot Bottoms Live on OhMyButt

This is Halloween…everybody scream! And cum.

We love Halloween. It’s the night of spookiness, fun, horror, and memories. A night out is what we need this time of year. But Halloween is going to be on a Tuesday this year. While going out on Tuesday nights works for some of us, it can also be overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s easier to party over the weekend and use Halloween night to chill.

Thankfully, the Halloween party can continue right at home. Thousands of sexy studs are getting it on with jerk-off play, dildo fun, foot fetish, roleplay games, and more. The best part is these guys will be dressed up in sexy costumes while playing with those asses.

Candy is delicious, but not as sweet as these asses.

If you need a night in this Halloween but still want to keep the holiday alive, then check out these five men on They’ll spread their cheeks and tell you how hard they want to take it up the ass. They might also speak in vampire accents, wear pumpkin-styled jockstraps, and suck their candy-flavored toys.

Be sure to stop by their room this weekend to see what else they have planned! We can expect some hotness all around when they take off their shirts and start flexing those giant biceps on gay cams. Let them know you’re in the mood to party and they’ll get freaky with you this Halloween!

Randy Pitts

Muscular Gay Model Randy Pitts

Nate Kerouac

Twink Cam Model Nate Kerouac Live Cam Room

Drake Kidman

Buff gay model Drake Kidman flexing on Live Cam

Darin Elwood

Hot gay cam star Darin Elwood Portrait Picture

Patrick Blanco

Exotic cam model Patrick Blanco streaming on

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13 Men Looking to Fuck on Friday the 13th

Here are some cracks you can step on this Friday the 13th.

Jason Vorhees has nothing on these studs…

Feeling superstitious this Friday the 13th? You can enjoy the day with ladders, black cats, umbrellas, and the number 13 plastered on your computer screen. Sounds scary? Well, that luck is about to change.

Here are some gorgeous men on gay cams who are about to turn that bad luck into an amazing night to remember.

In honor of this holiday, we present you with 13 sexy studs who are here for all your horny needs. These guys are getting naked on and want someone to fuck. They’ll jerk their cocks, give great cumshots, suck their toys, and more dick fun.

If you’re all about the ass, then just let them know you want to see these hotties on all fours. They’ll spread the cheeks, touch their holes, and might even bring in a nice silicone toy.

How about some fun Friday the 13th butt games? Maybe your favorite hunk will give himself 13 nice spanks! Or, maybe you could get him to cum 13 times…these hotties are always up for a challenge! Maybe some umbrella play? A lot of things can be done there on gay cams…

Check out the top 13 men tonight and see how lucky they can make you feel…after all, luck favors the brave!

1 Brent Snake

Gaycams stud Brent Snake in white briefs

2 Axel Crow

Gay cams star Axel Crow and ripped abs

3 Dany Davis

Gay cam star Dany Davis in black shirt

4 James Terrey

Gaycam star James Terrey in white briefs

5 Charliie Hotx

Gaycam stud Charliie Hotx in grey shirt

6 Hunter Bridges

Gaycams model Hunter Bridges in green boxer briefs

7 Liu Kent

Shirtless gaycams star Liu Kent

8 Gabriel and Harper

Gay-cam stars Gabriel and Harper couple

9 Mike Terrell

Gaycam stud Mike Terrell in black hat

10 Magic Mak

Gaycams hunk Magic Mak shirtless

11 Mauro C

Gay cams hunk Mauro C in nature

12 Robin Rieff

Gay cams hottie Robin Rieff in red briefs

13 Connor Heat

Gay cams stud Connor Heat in black undies

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Hispanic Men on Gay Cams Looking for a Pounding

Hola chicos! Let’s blow some leche, si?

I want to feel your beso…mi amor.

There’s something so fucking sexy about Latino men. Part of it is their mysterious energy. It’s also their thick accents. They’re also known for being intelligent about the rest of the world. Oh, and let’s also remember…a lot of them are known for being “thick” down there…as well as “back” there. When you see gay Latin men in porn, they go all out. The way the bottom takes a huge dick is fucking incredible. These men get our juices flowing hard until we need to blow our own leche…

There are thousands of Hispanic men on gay cams. We love watching them get naked and take a pounding with a dildo or with their buddy on gay Latin porn. As much as we might enjoy the dick on an American or European man, it’s really the hombres on Latin gay porn who give some of the best shows. The Hispanic guys on never hold back. They’re horny as fuck and love blowing tasty loads all over their ripped abs with free gay Latin porn.

These men are from all over the world. This includes Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, and more. It can be helpful if you know a little Spanish to get the Latin leche gay porn going. But a lot of these guys are bilingual and their accents are exotic as fuck. They get super kinky when they’re in the mood for some love. They make the best buddies, fuck buddies, one-night stands…sometimes, even boyfriends. It’s all about the right connection.

Here are five of the hottest Hispanic studs o Hispanic gay porn. Let’s give them all the amor!

Maurice Lewis

Hazzan Velez

Jeyko Black

Gym Star Boys

Jhon Nicolas

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Bring on the Whips- Exploring New Toys with Hot Studs

When a problem cums along…you must whip it. Whip it good!

Punish me, daddy…

Do you have a thing for toys? Sometimes, we use them solo. Other times, we use them with a hot guy. If you find a sexy man who loves toy play, you might start off with something simple like a back-ended dildo. But if you really want to spice things up, you guys may want to try something more…intense.

When we’re single and are looking for a man to satisfy us with toys, the easiest place to find them is on live chat. After all, these men are hot, horny, and have every toy you can think of. When we log onto gay cams to see hot guys playing with sexy items, we love to see them get creative. Whether it’s a dildo, a pair of handcuffs, or a paddle for spanking, these get us hot and ready for more.

But have you ever seen a guy use a whip? After all, these guys on live porn have years of experience getting kinky behind the camera. They might have a whip stashed away and want to use it for some dominating fun. This is a hell of a way to up your game when you need to blow your load with a man who knows how to take charge.

Let’s be real about whips for a second. They can hurt. Sometimes, more than we want them to. While we might ‘think’ we love pain when we’re fucking someone, how many of us actually want to wake up tomorrow with nasty bruises? ‘Some’ of us might like scars that remind us of kinky nights, but a majority of us like to keep our skin unbroken. That’s why whip fun with hotties on camera can be more exciting. They use their toys on us, but we don’t actually have to feel them rip us to shreds. We can enjoy the experience without bringing in ice packs.

If you like men with whips, then check out these five studs on They have all kinds of rough toys, including whips that make us fall to our knees. They have what you need. All they expect in return is your obediance. Now, bend over.

Jim Durden

Tommy Iron

Angelo Vecker

Roan Birkin

Orion Powell

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