Have a Special Time With New Belami Boy Pierce Bailey on Gay Cams

Pierce Bailey is the new ‘it’ Belami boy. We love a good Belami boy on gay cams who can blow a good load…now we’re so happy to see Pierce on who can make his fans crave more of him.

“Absolutely love when people are nice and polite because it’s not really easy to get into my soul, but that means maybe u are the person I’m looking for.”

Pierce loves nipple play and roleplaying the student-teacher game. This guy is only 21 so he can make a good student…or, he can be your professor. He can actually be anything you want him to be.

After only a couple of months, Pierce has gotten some great exposure. Fans love this guy’s body and his beautiful smile.

“Pierce is amazing and so wonderful. I got to know him and each private I took him into became absolutely wonderful. He knows what I love and he gives 100% to please me. A very sweet and handsome young man. He is the best always and I love every second of my time with him.”

“Pierce is a very sweet and caring person. He listens to you and gets to know you. Can’t wait to have a private show to talk with him more.”

“Pierce is a very polite, beautiful, and amazing human being. He is not only handsome and he really cares to get to know people. It was an amazing experience. Lovely young man.”

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Zack Foster is ‘Rockin’ the House’ on Gay Cams

Zack Foster is one one the top models on He’s been camming for close to two years so it’s about time he gets the recognition he deserves. Fans are horny as fuck for this man and their comments might turn you on:

“Zack delivers with rock hard abs buns of steel and rock hard dick! He knows how to perform and get you all hot and horny!”

“Zack rocks the house. He puts on a fabulous show. I love spending time with him. He has a rock-solid body. Loved watching Zack dance. He knows how to rock that gorgeous body. Zack, you are fun to be with. I would give you 10 stars if the rating went that high!”

“Zack is just the best every time we connect. Like a fine wine, he just gets better and better. Thanks again, Zack.”

Zack is a personalized trainer so he knows how to keep that body looking good for his private shows on gay cams. From jerk play to showing off that beautiful ass of his, this guy wants to make his fans horny for more.

“The words with which I can describe my type of show are simple, I choose to be sin again and again and make you fall into the power of lust and passion. I come to please you and to provide you with the best moment that you have lived in your existence.”

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Check Out These Hot Muscle Studs With Their Shirts Off on OhMyButt

We all love a hot guy who looks good when he takes his shirt off. That’s exactly one of the reasons why we drool over sexy studs on gay cams– because they just look so hot when they bare those ripped chests.

Thousands of hotties are sitting behind their computer screens- shirts off- on These guys look so tasty and irresistible when they are all set for some fun gay action by slowly removing their clothes. If you think these guys look hot without shirts, just imagine what they look like without pants…and underwear. Then they add in some lube, a dildo, handcuffs, or anything else that makes your dick hard for more.

These hotties are devoted to working out. They spend most of their time at the gym when they’re taking a break from camming. After all, they want to look good for their fans.

Check out some of the hottest guys online who look sexy as fuck when they’re shirtless.

Zack Foster

“I am a personalized trainer. I love the gym and men in their different manifestations.”

Ayden Miller

“Here is your KING waiting to feel the power of the United States over him.”

Ian Hunk

“My fantasy is, of course, about rugby and how much I love to have a stalker at the showers sucking my cock after a match all sweating and after continuing in the shower all the fun!!”

Hank Blue

“Gentlemen prefer Hank.”

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Hank Blue is Back on Gay Cams and Hotter Than Ever!

Hank Blue took a brief hiatus from Now, after eight months, he has returned! And he looks so fucking sexy.

This guy has been camming for about four years and we’re so glad he’s back to show that beautiful cock of his.

Here’s what fans have said about his private shows during his time online:

“After several sessions, I can tell you there is more than one side to Hank. He is fun-loving, he listens and cares and makes the experience as good as anyone on the site if not the best. Just writing this I get aroused just when I imagine his beautiful calves, big thighs, and firm ass. Then moving up his sculptured back and over to the best part on this site his front. He has a god-like body. You are sure to enjoy.”

“Hey, Daddy Hank will you fuck me doggie style šŸ˜‰ spit and shove daddy. Have a great weekend man!!”

“Omg, what can I say about Hank. He is hot & sexy. When he gets really horny he becomes a slut. LOL. Check him out. You would be glad you did. Once you get to know him you will be hooked.”

Hank is 24, has a cut dick, and he’s versatile in bed. He does great muscle worship shows, enjoys domination, and roleplay games. Let’s make it a good one because we want to see more of Hank!

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Apolo Makris is the Latest Fresh Meat on Gay Cams

Apolo Makris started his camming career only two weeks ago. Now, he’s a star! All it took was two weeks to become the latest cam icon on Let’s keep the party going with some fun gay sex!

This guy is very gay, very versatile, and has a great body. He’s great at taking control and you gotta see it.

“I like to dominate, show who really rules here, make the person mine in every possible way, make you feel special and unique in my room, and many more things.”

Just remember that there is more to this man than just his handsome face and throbbing dick. He’s also a person with a lot of interests and he’s very special.

“I like to talk about many things especially; soccer, sports, gym, about gastronomy, and places, especially hot naughty things šŸ™‚ My favs colors are blue and black; I like cold weather, my fav animal is leopard, and fav sport is soccer.”

It’s always nice to just hang out and talk with cute guys like Apolo. He has a lot to get into before getting down and dirty. His cum load is hot, but his smile and energy are what make his shows truly amazing.

“What I like in a person is their passion for what they do, that they are positive, that they always know and have clear what they want, that they are as cheerful and fun as I am, that they like to undertake, and that they are a responsible, respectful, tidy and sincere person.”

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Get Your Flex and Cum Show With Bruce Harrelson This Week on Gay Cams

Bruce Harrelson is one of the newest hotties on gay cams. After only a few months on, he’s scoring lots of private shows and new party chat performances. This is our chance to join other horny dudes who want to see this guy take his shirt off and cum a huge load.

Here are the dates to see Bruce in his party shows:

Wednesday, Sep. 29 at 8 p.m. EST

Thursday, Sep. 30 at 8 p.m. EST

Friday, Oct. 1 at 8 p.m. EST

Something else to remember- this handsome Belami boy is 18. If you like young cute guys, then you’ll love Bruce. We can tell he’s about to be a star in the X-rated world.

“I’m always full of energy which I wanna share with people around me, the horny mood saving for a special moment.”

Check out his fan reviews:

“Bruce has a body to be very proud of. Beautiful muscles in all the right places. His arse is so hot and muscular, Iā€™m sure he would grip my cock real tight. A huge cum show to finish, he must have enjoyed it as well. Definitely coming back.”

“Caught Bruce’s terrific Ohmi show. By inspection, Bruce is handsome beyond words with an equally gorgeous body. This show highlighted his most intimate body parts which are perfect. Bruce is friendly and adjusted the show to requests made and went beyond what he promised to do making the show extra special. Bruce is a special guy.”

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Jeff Red Wants to Kiss Your Feet on Gay Cams

Jeff Red became a fan-favorite on gay cams after two years of camming. We’re so glad to see this guy score to the top…whether it’s on the site or on a hot bottom.

Jeff has all sorts of fantasies when he’s live on, but there’s something in particular that gets him hot as fuck.

“I have the fetish of kissing your beautiful feet while we caress each other, I like it when they submit me and we make it very rich, then submit you and make you come.”

As much as models can be known for sharing their beautiful feet on live gay chat, sometimes the guys behind the camera are the ones who want to see their visitors’ feet. If you have some nice feet to share, then show them to Jeff! He’ll want to give them a nice kiss with some smelling and maybe some licking.

“I have the fantasy of knowing the world, of being and enjoying each of these parts that I visit, together with the person with whom I wish to share the rest of my life.”

Check out his latest review. Fans love this guy:

“Jeff is amazing! I was so mesmerized watching him dance and seduce in his tight clothes, that when they began to come off I had to have a private show. He was so accommodating, eager to please, and a true professional, not to mention sexy as hell!”

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Andrew Russell Returns to Camming One Year Later, Let’s See His Cum!

Welcome back to, Andrew Russell! This guy took a hiatus from gay cams in early 2020, but now he’s back and better than ever!

His fans are so stoked to see him back online.

“So glad to see that Andrew has returned to flirt! He is truly a SUPERSTAR ALPHA. I don’t have to tell you how sexy he is but in case you do not know him well, he has the Best Personality too! Take him private and you will think you went to heaven. Andrew please stay around and don’t run off again! We need you here at F4F.”

The rumors are true, guys. Andrew is a real alpha on live gay chat. All it took was a few weeks to come back to show his body in live gay cam chat and he’s already nailing it.

His past reviews still hold up nicely:

“Andrew is amazing sexy fun charming sweet enticing desirable hot and a body to die for. Best model by far. He leaves me always wanting more.”

“Andrew is everything you could hope for…I love it when he smiles and asks what you want. He is very handsome and engaging.”

Welcome back to the camming world, Andrew! We missed you and those throbbing muscles of yours! He’s ready to have some fun online and he wants someone there to join.

“When you feel the energy! Nothing can stop you now!”

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Cam Studs Who Became Icons After One Year on

Sometimes all it takes is a certain amount of time to make it as a cam model on gay cams. It could take a week, it could take a decade…or, it could take just one year.

The guys listed below have been camming for about one year and guess what? They’re some of the most successful cam stars on! They’ve been consistent with their time online and communicating with fans. Of course, it helps that these guys are gorgeous, but it’s really about the effort they put into their shows. They listen to their fans’ needs, push their own boundaries, and know what they want. Whether it’s jerking off, muscle worship, ass play, footjob shows, or using toys, these studs have cum so far in just one year.

Take a good, hard look at these guys. They have amazing bodies, huge dicks, tight holes, and beautiful eyes. If they’ve made it to the top of the site in one year, let’s see how high they’ll be in another year!

Fede Muller

“Hello, guys! I like many feet, flexibility, and fighting naked! My favorite fetishes are having sex in gymnastic positions, such as split, bow, handstand, and four, If you don’t know what these positions are, just ask me! and I love sucking my biceps.”

Logan Hugh

“There is no greater fantasy than finding someone to feel a connection and mutual pleasure. I would love that a good erotic conversation makes me find my most hidden desires.”

Hunter Bridges

“I want to be a star on this site, can you help me with that?”

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Jared Storme Can Be Your Dominant Master on Gay Cams

Jared Storme started camming only four months ago. He’s one of the top studs on gay cams after whipping that dick out in his private performances. This guy is super sexy, loves to work out, and can make you his new bitch.

“I like domination, neck searcher, and buffet. moor, punish you when you do not obey me, I love you that you are my submissive, you shout my name and tell me that you give you mine.”

The best place you can be his sub is on top of a roof. Something about this makes Jared super horny.

“My biggest fantasy is to do it on a roof of a building, and that the other people around see what I do, is the most sensual thing that makes me warm up.”

Jared also has a thing for exhibitionism and smoking on He’s 22, has tattoos, and has some hot abs.

His fan reviews say:

“Such a stud. so many hot moves and power poses as he dominates the camera.”

“This guy isn’t just sexy. His beauty is sassy and provocative, and he knows how to use it to trigger an added thrill of excitement in you. A superb actor who knows the gestures and the outfits to maintain your excitement beyond reason.”


Looking forward to more private shows with Jared as he strips down to nothing.

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