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Back to School With Student-Teacher Roleplay

The new school year has just started. Time to hit the books, study hard, and fuck your teacher if you misbehave…

How many of us had the fantasy of fucking a hot teacher? Even if all the teachers we had in school were boring or simply not our types, the “idea” of a handsome younger man who taught history and was looking for a pounding passed our minds at some point. The fantasy starts off with the teacher dressed in khakis and a fancy tie. He asks you to stay after class to go over a paper. He finds out you cheated off your classmate. He threatens to call your parents or give you a failing grade…unless you can work something out with him…something a little…harder.

From there, your teacher whips out his dick and shoves it in your face. You can’t help but suck him off. As “wrong” as this feels, this is exactly what was on your mind all semester.

Disclaimer: all like-minded people know how fucked up this would be in a real setting. But what if you could just enjoy the fantasy while making it real in a sense? Let’s explain further:

Thousands of gorgeous men on gay cams love roleplay games like this. Student-Teacher games are one of the most popular scenarios to act out in the virtual world. Think of it as entering the beginning of a porn movie except you’re the star.

If playing student and teacher makes you curious, then check out these five hotties on They’ll put on the button-up shirt with the tie and tell you to stay after class. Or, perhaps, they can play the student who needs to give in to your orders so they’ll pass the class. If they can make you cum hard enough, you might just give them an A+.


Billy Coogan

Emilio Reynolds

Belami Colton

Osher Cox

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Muscle Guys

Roleplay Your Favorite Gay Fantasy With These Handsome Studs on OhMyButt

Full disclosure- we all have naughty fantasies on our minds. Whether it’s something ridiculous or something simple, there’s something that we’ve thought about that sounds fun to act out. After all, real-life hookups can be so mundane that we feel like we’re missing out on some of the “better” scenarios. Sure, it’s easy to meet up with someone on Tinder, but when you find that guy next door or that sexy teacher, we tend to get into the idea of what it would be like if that hot professor would bend us over the desk and fuck us like there’s no tomorrow.

Here’s the harsh truth though- fantasies like this are rare and can be misleading. Obviously, if your teacher fucked you in the classroom, he would probably lose his job and it can lead to a court case…not so fun, right? That’s why these scenarios are better off as to what they should be…fantasies!

So is there a fantasy you really want to live out in the best way possible? Check out some hot guys on gay cams who are willing to do this for you! They’ll wear the suit and tie while playing your boss. Or, they can bring in the cowboy hat and speak with a Southern accent about how horny he is for your ass. Or, maybe there’s something totally different you want to roleplay. Whatever it is, men on are here to make it happen.

Check out some studs online and their best roleplay games:

Pierce Bailey– Student/Teacher

Jeff Red– Bad Cop/Good Cop

Hadess– Master/Slave

Ben Andrews–¬†Boss / Secretary

Jamie Alton– Coach/Trainee

Belami Colton– Cowboy/Cowgirl

Allen Carteer–¬†Doctor / Nurse

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Muscle Guys

Belami Colton is Flexing, Stripping, Showing Ass, and Cumming in Multiple Shows on OhMyButt!

One of the hottest studs on gay cams is fulfilling our horny desires in live gay chat on

Belami Colton, who’s been a fan favorite for almost three years, is doing it all in live chat! He’s going to take off his shirt and flex those amazing biceps of his. Then he’s going to give a striptease, play with his ass, and jerk that dick till he shoots a hard load of milk all over his ripped abs.

Set your calendar for the summertime because there’s no stopping this man.

The shows are set for:

Tuesday, Apr. 13 at 9 a.m. EST

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Belami loves performing online mainly since it’s so hard to find a good fuck these days!

“I find the idea of pleasure so sexy and captivating, but it sucks not having anyone to fuck,” he said.

“I have so many fantasies that I can’t begin to name them here, but you can definitely take me private where we can discuss some things and get down to the business of turning fantasy into reality. Don’t you want to be a part of my fantasy?!”

Trust us, Belami has an ass that is worth seeing on live gay chat!

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