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Muscle Man Jackson Cottonwood Has a Romantic Side on Gay Cams

Jackson Cottonwood is a fan favorite on With a body like that, he made a great move by going into the gay cams‘ business three years ago. Ever since then, he’s made a name for himself and looks just as sexy as his first day. How he is able to get that body though is a question we’re all wondering! Woof!

Besides, that ripped torso, Jackson can be your Prince Charming. He has a soft side in his heart and he loves bringing it out with the right man.

“I am a man who through various experiences and created a strong character, sensual, a bit strong but at the same time a charismatic person, romantic and which is eager to meet new people.”

He has endless fantasies that he’s been wanting to fulfill on live gay chat.

“My fantasy is to be able to know so many worlds, that human beings are infinite worlds which has several surprises and I would like to find the world which I feel identified, also sleep in knowing the person to take me to the hottest spot of my being and can quench my desire of sex endless.”

As he desires a good sex chat, he also enjoys exhibitionism, legs, and stockings. Anyone care to see this guy put on something tight around those big legs of his?

“I am a man who can fill your mind and body with a pleasure which you can not imagine.”

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Muscle Guys

Abbel Fox is a Great Date With a Hot Ass on Gay Cams

Abbel Fox is a total hottie. But what makes him so special is that he’s so much better than all the guys you meet on Tinder. Abbel is the real deal.

Not only does he like sex, but he also likes cool things outside of fucking. He enjoys spending time outdoors as well as indoors just doing the fun things we all want to do with a boyfriend.

“I like to take advantage of my free time to spend time with nature, I really enjoy being in remote places of the city and feeling that peace and that silence that the city itself does not give. I quite like going to the gym and maintaining a routine, although sometimes I lose my mind a bit eating hamburgers, hehe, by the way, I really like junk food, hahaha. I like to watch movies, if possible, with good company (I hope you are that person).”

How can anyone say no to a man like him? He’s the whole package.

Abbel has also been camming on for more than a year. Some of his fetishes are collar and leash, feet, and rimming. Better to have it done to him since he has an ass that looks fucking delish.

He can be your beau or he can be your bestie. He’s here for all your needs.

“Hot but romantic at the same time. You can have a great time with me, but I can also be your support and I can listen to you whenever you need it.”

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Spanish Cam Stud Johan Williams is the New Guy of Our Dreams

Johan Williams started camming earlier this summer on It’s been three months to be exact. In that short time, he’s scored his way to the top of gay cams. Wonder why…

He’s a muscle man and a total top. But maybe that could change in enough time if he’s willing to fuck himself so we can all watch for our viewing pleasure. After all, every top secretly wants to bottom.

Before we get to the fucking, let’s get a little background about Johan:

“Hi guys, I’m going to tell you a little about me, I love the sea, I like animals a lot. One of the things that I love the most is to train, I like to meet people and learn about other cultures since each person is a different world. I do not like monotony. I fight for everything that I propose. My biggest dream is to travel all over the world. My favorite food is Mexican. I really like American music, especially Queen – We Will Rock You. I would very much like to meet Paris, Italy, the United States, the Arab Emirates and if in your country there is something great, I would love to meet you. I am very passionate about speed, reading action books, self-reflection, and motivation.”

But when the moment builds up, then we can let this guy plow us!

“I would love to meet a person who is measured that we can fuck anywhere and at any time.”

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Mikk Arden Has a Birthday Coming Soon, Let’s Make it the Best One Yet!

Mikk Arden has been camming for three years now. He’s given us some incredible shows in his time on and now his birthday is happening soon!

He turns 23 on October 3rd. One of the best presents you can give him is lots of attention. He loves making connections before he makes an epic cumshot.

He also enjoys facesitting, giantism, and nipple play. So if you want to lick his chest or eat his ass, then that will be a nice birthday. After all, he’s got a nice cake that looks so tasty.

Mikk is a Czech guy and one of the Belami boys. You know how freaky they like to get on gay cams. We can only imagine how nasty this hottie likes to get on his big day.

Check out his reviews:

“Mikk is a really great model, I keep coming back for more. Not only for his amazing PVT shows but also for his great personality and rapport with all users in his room. 5 stars for the Best!”

“Mikk is so amazing. His personality is so warming and his physique outstanding. He pleases his viewers.”

“Always a hot time with this gentle giant. Highly recommend a show with him.”

A ‘gentle giant’ says it all since Mikk does have a thing for giantism…what a fun way to get started with this hunk. So let’s wish this guy a Happy Birthday while blowing his warm candle. Wink wink!

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Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Cam Stud Alan Thompson!

Alan Thompson has been on gay cams for a full year now! His big anniversary is on Sep. 14th and we need to give him something special on!

What would Alan like as a present? Some nice tips are always great…but he also likes extreme sports, seeing new places, exercising, and meditation. Sounds like this guy knows how to keep that mind positive and uplifting.

But if we want to get extra frisky with this handsome stud, then we could watch him top and bottom for live gay sex! He’s only 19 and still has a lot to experience. So we can make him cum a nice load for us.

Here’s one special review about Alan that shows just how wonderful he is:

“The first night I came into Alan’s room he was warm and funny and very kind. He did not do the standard hello let’s go pvt, he sent me hearts and roses, and then even though I know his name he introduced himself to me. And he put me at ease, and by 10 minutes into our chat, he and I were talking about the things that we both found enjoyable in pvt shows, then we have our show a day later and to my surprise, he wore one of my favorite colors of underwear and he did the things that I like the most while also doing the things that he likes most.”

If he can make us feel so amazing, let’s do the same in return on his big day!

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Say Hello to Number One Cam Stud Joshua Reid

Joshua Reid got his start on last February. Seven months later, he’s number one on the whole freakin’ site! Sometimes, that’s all it takes to be the biggest stud.

At 23-years-old, Joshua has given the best cumshots on gay cams. With a beautiful cock and a gorgeous ass, this guy is the new star and we’re stoked to see what else he’s about to do online.

So far, Joshua has explored fun fetishes like legs, roleplay, and submission. Who’s the sub when you’re camming with Joshua? You’ll have to find that out by going to his room!

Here’s what fans have said about Joshua in his short time online:

“Wow what an amazing individual and model! He knows how to command his room by just being a beautiful and genuine man! He fills his room with positive energy and is eager to make everyone feel welcome! His beautiful heart intensifies his physical attributes. He loves you guys and he puts 100 percent and his entire heart into his performances.”

“What a great performer!! Hot sexy and friendly. Gave me all I asked and more! Great cumshot and he licked it clean. So hot! One of my favorites. I’ll be back worth every dollar I spent. Great experience.”

“Joshua has a hot body that will keep me hard all day! He has a sexy manner about himself, and he wants to please. He is worth every credit and more! I cum again!”

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Ace Owens is the Top Model After Only 6 Weeks Online!

Ace Owens got his start in the camming world last July. Now, he’s in one of the top spots on All it took was one month to make it as a cam boy!

You can tell from those muscles why he became an icon so soon. Of course, when this guy goes live, all eyes are going to turn his way.

He has some unique fetishes like discipline, medical, and tickling. But it’s only been 6 weeks…there’s still plenty for him to discover!

This guy is 29 and spends a lot of time working out. Clearly.

He actually has yet to get a review! What do you like about this guy? What do you want to see him do? Maybe you could be his special someone.

The weather is finally cooling down now that it’s September. So we can enjoy the breeze while playing with Ace online. Let that cool air inside while you touch yourself as this guy flexes just for you. It could be a great experience for everyone since Ace is still new. There’s a lot he wants to do on gay cams!

He has an 8-inch cock that looks so good behind the camera. Ace is a great model who can jack that dick so perfectly when he’s horny. We can make some intense magic happen with this handsome Latino stud! So let’s enjoy a night inside with this new man.

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Logan Hugh is Doing Ass Play This September, See His New Shows!

Logan Hugh is all set to get naked this September in several live gay chat shows on With an ass like that, we’re so glad he’s going to show it off for all the horny fans.

He also plans to jerk off, strip, flex, and more. Basically, he’s doing it all!

Here are the dates and times to watch Jackson:

Wednesday, Sep. 1 at 11 a.m. EST

Saturday, Sep. 4 at 1 a.m. EST

Thursday, Sep. 16 at 10 p.m. EST

Sunday, Sep. 19 at 11 p.m. EST

Logan’s been performing for more than a year now on gay cams. Check out his best fan reviews:

“Good looking guy with an awesome body, Logan looks great.”

“This guy is a wonderfully smart and sexy person. He makes you feel good about yourself and at the same time makes you forget about your troubles…does it all with a dash of respect and sex appeal. I say “LOGAN HUGH” for president. He truly deserves to be noticed and Thanked for just being a great man. He’s confident without being cocky xoxoxo.”

“Amazing body, best on the site!”

What gets Logan going is someone who can help him find out what makes his cock hard. A hot conversation will make this guy thirsty for more.

“There is no greater fantasy than finding someone to feel a connection and mutual pleasure. I would love that a good erotic conversation makes me find my most hidden desires.”

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Bobby Kanne is a Dancer With a Hot Ass

Have you gotten your private show with Bobby Kanne yet? This hottie started camming on last February. With that body and those moves, we knew this guy would be the new star on gay cams. All it takes is one look.

At 23, Bobby enjoys a lot of things when he goes live. What really gets him going is someone he can make a connection with, especially if it’s something he’s passionate about.

“What I like is really simple! Sometimes make people around me happy. If you are happy I’m happy too. Deep conversations, motivate each other. Travelling, reading, training, learning new things will always be my passion!”

Bobby knows that every new fan he talks to will want something special. That’s what the man is here for- to please.

“Every show is different and that’s what I need/like. I like to meet new people to know each other! Lots of experiences. I like to talk. I like to talk about serious things and about crazy things too! If you wanna know about my sexual side, NO WORRIES ABOUT! I’m a kinda free and wild spirit.”

With his dancer skills and an ass that looks tasty as hell, we can have a great time with Bobby. Besides, he’s still new at camming. Let’s see what else he can do in his sex performances! He’s enjoyed some foot, leg, and teasing shows so let’s keep the ball rolling!

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Tyson Rich Knows How to Tease, See the HOT PHOTOS!

Tyson Rich likes to keep his fans on their toes. The way he moves and takes his time before getting to the good parts is really one of his greatest talents.

Ten months as a cam boy on and Tyson remains as one of the most requested models. His tattoos and that body are irresistible. We could stare at that chest and then his ass all day.

In one of his most recent videos, Tyson teases the audience in his blue undies. He touches himself all over as we can see the shape of his cock hiding behind that underwear.

Tyson gives brief shots at that dick and then that ass with the interactive toy lodged in his hole. He looks so hot naked, but we love it when he can play with himself in ways that don’t involve a huge cumshot…yet.

Check out the full video right here!

Tyson likes staying healthy and active in the body and the mind. He’s here to make new friends and give them exactly what they want.

“I am a person who enjoys having a healthy life every day, I love to keep in shape and take care of my body by doing sports, eating well, and practicing habits such as meditation. I love giving me the opportunity to meet people in my life with whom I can have a good friendship or even something more like unforgettable and pleasant moments. I am curious and I am willing to explore things that will make me enjoy a good time to the fullest.”

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