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Can You Make Scott Alpha Cum After Fingering His Ass?

Scott Alpha is definitely more of a top. He loves a nice ass he can stick his thick cock inside. But he also likes to show off his ass and stick his finger inside. He’s new to taking a big dick in there so he’ll have to train to make that shit happen.

Scott has been on gay cams for two years now and he’s one of the best bi-curious men on His cock is huge, his hole is tight, and he has a personality that every gay cam dreams about. We rarely find guys like him on hookup apps, which is why he cums in handy when he’s on live gay chat.

I’m telling you right now that Scott has an ass that is worth checking out. When he gets on all fours, he’ll twerk back telling you how much he wants to feel your face in there and get it all sloppy.

He knows what he’s doing when he cams and the reviews speak for themselves:

“Scott Alpha is the real deal and accomplished at talking dirty. Exudes the right kind of confidence to let go and embrace a scene.”

“So great to have a show will Scott. He’s 100% real, no fake talk. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. He wants to ensure he does everything he can to ensure you enjoy the show. His body is divine and I could drool over that butt all day long.”

More butt stuff with Scott please?

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Jockstraps Muscle Guys

It’s a Battle to Number One for These Two Cam Studs- Who Will Win?

We all could use a little competition! Who do you want to see win the top spot on

There are thousands of guys to choose from…but there are two men in particular who are close to winning number one: Adam Saner and Jaden Storm!

A little background on these guys:

Adam Saner:

He’s been camming for four years. 27-years-old. Bisexual. Versatile. Uncut. He enjoys the simple things in life, including exhibitionism, nipple play, and spanking. He also has a strong taste for anal and muscle worship on gay cams.

“Let’s start by saying that I’m always horny! I’m versatile and kinky as fuck; fetishes are my favorite type of sexual foreplay and I’m open to almost everything. If you see me online ask me about what I like, I’ll ask you the same and we can get to know each other better. Don’t be shy, I won’t bite. Or maybe I will!”

Jaden Storm:

He’s been camming for seven years. 32. Bisexual. Top. Cut. He likes to kick back with some domination, whips, and leather. He’s also down for a good rimjob and some fleshlight action.

“I have always been willing to try new things. Don’t knock it till you try it! I always want to meet new people and try new things just to experience life. We only get one and I plan to enjoy mine to the fullest!”

One thing we know for sure- both guys are super hot and are totally chill to hang out with. They have kind souls that are just as great as their thick shafts.

Let us know which one is your favorite and maybe he’ll get a special feature in an upcoming post…so sound off in the comments on your favorite OhMyButt stud!

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American Hottie Bentley Castings is Back and Better Than Ever on

Bentley Castings is gorgeous, ripped, and has a thick cock. This bi-curious man took a break from camming, but now he’s back with more sexy vids to share on He loves getting filthy in live gay chat and has made fans happy for three years now.

He has a great ass that looks amazing in jock straps. And when he gets fully naked, he can blow a hard load.

Here’s what his new friends have said about his private shows:

“Bentley is a stunning young man. He is handsome and sweet with a stunning athletic body and a huge cut cock. His shows will rock you to your core and will be a satisfying experience. He is a cut above the rest!”

“Great to see this Sexy Alpha back. Love his Awesome Personality and of course those Sexy Muscles! Welcome back home Bentley!!”

“A genuinely cool guy with a great personality, an amazing body, a luscious cock, the most beautiful pink hole, and an ability to get you so hot with his voice and the dirty words he can share.”

What also makes Bentley so sexy is how he can bend over and stretch that hole so good while remaining as the alpha stud. He’s a chill bro who can bend over like a bitch. And that hole is tasty as hell. You’ll see that the second he spreads for your next private show.

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Enjoy a Home-Cooked Meal With Master Chef Lucca Ferrari on Gay Chat!

Lucca Ferrari started camming only last November and he’s made waves as one of the top models on Fans love watching his creative shows whether it’s flashing his dick, putting on a jockstrap, or cooking some breakfast…yeah, these guys really do it all!

Five months later and Lucca’s made lots of new friends in his gay cam chat performances. Here are some of the best comments:

“Lucca will let your heart melt from the moment you see him and he starts talking to you. From that moment you will never want to leave him. He is smart, friendly, charismatic with a gorgeous body. Get him excited and you will see his dick get bigger and bigger.”

“I caught a COOKING show he did, and it was the first time I ever got horny in a kitchen! OMG. He looks like a Greek God, AND he can COOK??? Why is this man still Single?? LOL.”

“Lucca is a spectacular man – very open-minded and intelligent. You can always have a good conversation and be very exciting at the same time. Highly recommended his chef’s shows. Every day you will feel welcome.”

He also has a bit of a hair fetish…along with loud noises.

“Seeing nice feet is something that really turns me on, formidable or hairy legs also make me horny, hair is definitely a plus for me,” Lucca said. “I like to be dominant and take control in bed. It turns me on a lot to moan, and sometimes, shout filthy things while I have sex.”

Let’s get filthy!

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Get Lucky This St. Patrick’s Day With Adam Saner Who’s ‘Always Horny!’

Adam Saner wants to have some ‘lucky’ fun this St. Patrick’s Day on! The cam boy, who’s now in the Top 10, said that he’s going to be online and wants to find that pot at the end of the rainbow.

 I’m taking advantage of my 2021 comeback to spend as much with you as possible and this is going to be a great opportunity to do so.

“I’m taking advantage of my 2021 comeback to spend as much with you as possible and this is going to be a great opportunity to do so,” he said. “You can check my updated schedule every Sunday on my bio but, in a nutshell, I’ll be online every day during the evening. I can’t wait to see you in my room and have a lot of fun. LET’S GET LUCKY TOGETHER!”

Adam is definitely the guy we want to have fetish fun with on gay chat. This guy’s dick is always ready for hardcore action when he goes live.

“Let’s start by saying that I’m always horny!” he said in his profile. “I’m versatile and kinky as fuck; fetishes are my favorite type of sexual foreplay and I’m open to almost everything. If you see me online ask me about what I like, I’ll ask you the same and we can get to know each other better. Don’t be shy, I won’t bite. Or maybe I will!”

He’s a vers bisexual man who wants to have some freaky fun! So let’s get crackin’!

“I like rough sex so everything that falls into that category would most certainly be a fetish of mine. I’m extremely open to other’s fetishes, so tell me about yours and we can get kinky together!”

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Reynoldo Looks So Hot in These Underwear Pics

Reynoldo has made quite a name for himself on At first, it seemed like he had been a cam model for the past decade because his name is that well-known. But believe it or not, this guy is going on just over two years. How anyone is able to achieve this kind of success in that amount of time is pretty damn incredible.

This Romanian stud looks hot as fuck naked. But in the meantime, let’s check out how he looks when he’s in underwear…or a jock strap. Mmmm!

Reynoldo loves it when someone plays with his ass and cock. It’s all about the right feel that turns him on.

“I love conversations that keep me connected to you and that lead to a good sex game. It excites me to feel the breath in the neck area, to feel the hand that touches my body lightly and descends towards the bulge or ass,” he said. “It’s all about touch and the right words!!”

Reynoldo is very gay and very versatile. He can be a dom top or a sub bottom. Or, he can be a sub top and a dom bottom. He can do it all! He also loves the ohmibod toy in his ass…he describes this as the “best ass toy ever!”

He can also pull out his butt plug and fleshlight. When it comes to toys, Reynodo can slide them in easily. These toys were made to please his hole.

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