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Why We Love Playing Master-Slave With Guys on Gay Cams

Some of our innermost fantasies are about taking complete control over a sub. He’ll give us anything we want to see- anything. Whatever our cocks are feeling, the sub is there to make it happen. Just tell him what to do. Then watch him as he obliges.

Sometimes, it’s the other way around. We might want to submit ourselves to a powerful dom who gets hornier the more we follow his orders. It’s not always about being punished…unless, of course, we want it to be. It’s usually about knowing that we’re sexy enough to make our dom cum a massive load because of everything we provided for him. Knowing you have the ability to make a dom hot and horny is a gift all on its own. He’s the one in charge, but you (in an ironic way) have all the power.

Whichever side we’re on in the master-slave category, it’s about making the hook-up exciting. Someone is getting exactly what he wants and being a part of that remains one hell of a memory.

If playing master-slave gets you horny as fuck, then here are four gorgeous studs on gay cams who love playing this game. You can be in charge while telling these guys to get on all fours for you. Once he bends over and shows that beautiful ass, the next step is up to you. Or, if you like being the sub, then these guys will tell you exactly what gets them hard. If you want to be the boss or the bitch- or, somewhere in between- the men on are here to bring that fantasy to life.

Keith Atkins

Craig and Sean

Jaden Storm

Indy Harrison

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Muscle Guys

21 Hunks You Need to See on Gay Cams in 2022

2022 has been quite the year so far. Plenty of ups and downs, and it’s only February! So there’s a lot more to expect especially in live porn. Plenty of new fetishes to explore and new cam studs online who want to have some steamy virtual sex!

If you’ve always wanted to experience a hot guy across the screen, but have wondered how it works, then check out some of the most popular guys on gay cams who want to enjoy your company. Some of these guys have been camming for years while others are just getting started. We can easily guarantee that one show with any of these guys will leave your cock satisfied. Jacking off on your own is one thing, but cumming while watching a live guy fulfill your cravings is another.

Pick your favorite stud and enjoy his delicious moves on

1 Paul Morisette

“Simply the best! Outstanding physique, outstanding shows, outstanding personality!”

2 Jaden Storm

“Jaden is always so incredibly sexy! I can only imagine how amazing he feels, smells, and tastes!”

3 Drake Carter

“Sexy, fun, energetic, loves his ass buzzed, and shoots a large load. 5 stars all the way.”

4 Paolo Arreola

“Paolo is such a nice guy and has a ripped body and a great top model face to go with that body.”

5 Steve Cass

“Is there any other model as extraordinary, as awesome, as sexy, adorable, and nice as Steve? No. There is none. There is only HIM!”

6 Keith Atkins

“Keith is a charming and sensual performer. His beautiful eyes and smile will put a spell on you.”

7 Johan Williams

“This man is incredible. So passionate and great to look at and talk to.”

8 Jackson Stifler

“I am a guy of connections and emotions. I am attentive and intrigued by what makes the other feel good.”

9 Robin Rieff

“Robin is an incredible performer. He is warm, responsive, flexible, and incredibly hot and sexy.”

10 Bentley Castings

“Amazing guy, beautiful, hung, and great personality.”

11 Magic Mak

“This man is #Bestinshow hands down. Every time I come to his room, I leave having had a good time.”

12 Ken Mailik

“Come and meet me and I assure you you will never forget me.”

13 Johny Hardin

“I am speechless at how hard and hot he performs. Can I give 10 stars?”

14 Bruno Bellini

“Hottest guy on the web…amazing man.”

15 Indy Harrison

“Indy is just outstanding in every way. An amazing body with a character to match.”

16 Jared Storme

“Jared is one of the best performers I’ve had, nice and friendly guy, very handsome and he gives a GREAT show.”

17 Henri Theroux

“Henri is way more than a quick one-night stand. Henri is serious boyfriend material.”

18 Jaxon Colton

“Had a very horny, sexy show with Jaxon. Very kind and respectful man.”

19 Beau Tucker

“Nice, impressive, huge, massive, so easy to deal with, a guy that really cares about giving you a nice time, the best.”

20 James Staub

“Hands down the sexiest man on here with the best ass.”

21 George Dominator

“The perfect man – smart and friendly with a sexy smile, beautiful skin, and massive ripped muscles.”

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It’s a Battle to Number One for These Two Cam Studs- Who Will Win?

We all could use a little competition! Who do you want to see win the top spot on

There are thousands of guys to choose from…but there are two men in particular who are close to winning number one: Adam Saner and Jaden Storm!

A little background on these guys:

Adam Saner:

He’s been camming for four years. 27-years-old. Bisexual. Versatile. Uncut. He enjoys the simple things in life, including exhibitionism, nipple play, and spanking. He also has a strong taste for anal and muscle worship on gay cams.

“Let’s start by saying that I’m always horny! I’m versatile and kinky as fuck; fetishes are my favorite type of sexual foreplay and I’m open to almost everything. If you see me online ask me about what I like, I’ll ask you the same and we can get to know each other better. Don’t be shy, I won’t bite. Or maybe I will!”

Jaden Storm:

He’s been camming for seven years. 32. Bisexual. Top. Cut. He likes to kick back with some domination, whips, and leather. He’s also down for a good rimjob and some fleshlight action.

“I have always been willing to try new things. Don’t knock it till you try it! I always want to meet new people and try new things just to experience life. We only get one and I plan to enjoy mine to the fullest!”

One thing we know for sure- both guys are super hot and are totally chill to hang out with. They have kind souls that are just as great as their thick shafts.

Let us know which one is your favorite and maybe he’ll get a special feature in an upcoming post…so sound off in the comments on your favorite OhMyButt stud!

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Watch Jaden Storm Stroke His Huge Cock in Party Chat Show for Valentine’s Day on OhMyButt

Jaden Storm looks hot as fuck when his party chat show begins on He’s already in the mood for some stroking as he sits on his couch in his blue undies. And you know it’s going to be a great Valentine’s Day with his room all decked out in V-Day merch.

But Jaden wants to jerk that dick for some hardcore fun. He laughs and chats with his fans who want to flirt their way into his heart. And it works so well given the way Jaden flashes that adorable smile.

The party begins when Jaden pulls out his huge curved cock for some stroking. He also has his pink interactive toy lodged inside his hole for anal pleasure.

Jaden plays with his cock so good on camera for one long jerk show. It’s no wonder fans love this guy. He’s a beauty to look at and his cock is lovely.

See the full show right here on!

Jaden’s been camming for seven years and he’s a true hunk. A pretty face with a ripped chest and a great ass. Plus, he’s also down for roleplay with guys who need a hot guy to cum a load with.

Even with plenty of experience, Jaden is always down for something new and exciting. His motto is that life is short and we might as well make every moment special.

“I have always been willing to try new things. Don’t knock it till you try it! I always want to meet new people and try new things just to experience life. We only get one and I plan to enjoy mine to the fullest!”

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