Jimmy Lorrd is a Brand New Cam Model, Let’s Give Him a Great Show!

Jimmy Lorrd is a hot 19-year-old who started camming at the beginning of September 2021. Now, just a couple of weeks later, he’s already one of the most requested cam models on!

One of his favorite fantasies that he’s always wanted to explore is sex on the beach. He also loves playing out roleplay games that will satisfy your cravings.

“I love acting, I can be any character you want, I’m very good at that 😉 I will elevate your imagination to make it feel real.”

Jimmy is Hispanic, bisexual, and has a 7-inch monster cock. He enjoys discipline, feet, nipple play, and plenty more. With only two weeks on gay cams, he has a LOT to discover. Can’t wait to see how far this guy is going to cum…

He also has his first three fan reviews:

“Jimmy is awesome. Sweet and the sexiest! Amazing shows.”

“Jimmy is a great person, charming with smiles, chatting politely, and not shy to show his pretty shaped body. it is a pleasure to join him and to stay with him. I can only recommend it greatly.”

“I told Jimmy Lorrd that I came to his room because his pecs in his profile picture made me drool. But I stayed in his room because he is as charming, smart, and funny as he is sexy. From the moment he flashes his adorable smile and plays with his gorgeous long hair, you will be enchanted. Jimmy loves to seduce you by showing off his slim, but hot body and smooth. dark skin. He teases and taunts and leaves you begging for more.”

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Watch Tafari Zulu in Fall Show With Neon Paint and Chocolate Candy

Want to see more of Tafari Zulu on gay cams? Sign up for a free account on to see this guy get down and dirty! Anyone can sign up for a free account and watch Tafari get naked and cum!

In one show, Tafari is putting neon paint all over his muscled body. At the next show, he’s bringing in the chocolate so we can all celebrate Halloween with him. Sounds like there will be at least one Halloween party we can attend this year.

The shows are set for the following dates and times:

Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. EST

Sunday, Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. EST

This is how Tafari’s shows go:

“I’d love to fantasize in a nice way, getting involved in a great story where both of us can please each other getting to know what we enjoy in common, to then get to a point where it leads us to get hot in ways we haven’t done before.”

Tafari likes to take his time before he makes that epic cumshot. It’s all about enjoying the ride before he gets to the destination.

“Not into hurrying, cum is a really nice thing to appreciate, for me It takes time, not a day-long, not 5 minutes, I need self-stimulation, rubbing, and your words.”

He also enjoys domination, feet, and spanking. This guy definitely has an ass that will make you thirsty for a taste.

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Fede Muller Wants to Fuck Someone on a Plane

Have you met Fede Muller yet? This hottie has been on gay cams for more than a year now. He has lots of wild fantasies, but one of them is having sex up in the air…and down on the ground.

“My sexual fantasy is to have sex on a plane and on the beach.”

If anyone’s mind is open enough to play out the fantasy of flying in a plane or taking a trip to the beach, then by all means…let’s make some magic happen.

Fede also has lots of fetishes that consist of different positions- some that may seem near damn impossible to try when he’s on!

“I like many feet, flexibility, and fighting naked! My favorite fetishes are having sex in gymnastic positions, such as split, bow, handstand, and four, If you don’t know what these positions are, just ask me! and I love sucking my biceps.”

Fede is a gymnast and he has a deep throat. So he can get in all sorts of body positions by flexing those legs. Then he can jam a nice big dildo down his throat like the nasty bitch he is.

His fan reviews say:

“An awesome looking guy, Fede has a beautiful muscled body, he looks great.”

“Fede is a hidden gem on this site. His shows are amazing and he always gives his best. Do yourself a favor and visit this young man who deserves to do well.”

“Such a sexy, amazing man!!”

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College Guys on Gay Cams Who Need to Cum Between Classes

Enjoying the new semester? Working hard? Getting dick? Hope it’s a successful new year!

When you’re on a break from studying for those exams, it always helps to spend some time inside to jerk off so you’ll feel more relaxed and focused. It’s even better when that cute guy in the next dorm is willing to suck your dick. Then you can talk about your majors and how these classes have been kicking your ass. Then you can make a plan to hook up again when you’re ready for more action in the bedroom.

If you’re looking for some hot college guys who want to have some fun in between studying, then check out these three cuties on These guys are spending a lot more time on gay cams to stroke their cocks and play with their dildoes. You can join them for naughty online fun since we could all use a fuck buddy when we’re swamped with homework! Let’s have a night in with these studs!

Jacob Jamess

Age: 20

“I love to be watched, a hot and good conversation is definitely a turn-on. I enjoy it when you tell me your fantasies.”

Alan Thompson

Age: 19

“I am quite active. Come and taste what I’m made of.”

Hans Lagerfeld

Age: 23

“I’m at university studying to be an athletics coach, but I’m quite happy if you want to give me a workout. Don’t be shy to say hello.”

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Muscle Man Jackson Cottonwood Has a Romantic Side on Gay Cams

Jackson Cottonwood is a fan favorite on With a body like that, he made a great move by going into the gay cams‘ business three years ago. Ever since then, he’s made a name for himself and looks just as sexy as his first day. How he is able to get that body though is a question we’re all wondering! Woof!

Besides, that ripped torso, Jackson can be your Prince Charming. He has a soft side in his heart and he loves bringing it out with the right man.

“I am a man who through various experiences and created a strong character, sensual, a bit strong but at the same time a charismatic person, romantic and which is eager to meet new people.”

He has endless fantasies that he’s been wanting to fulfill on live gay chat.

“My fantasy is to be able to know so many worlds, that human beings are infinite worlds which has several surprises and I would like to find the world which I feel identified, also sleep in knowing the person to take me to the hottest spot of my being and can quench my desire of sex endless.”

As he desires a good sex chat, he also enjoys exhibitionism, legs, and stockings. Anyone care to see this guy put on something tight around those big legs of his?

“I am a man who can fill your mind and body with a pleasure which you can not imagine.”

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Abbel Fox is a Great Date With a Hot Ass on Gay Cams

Abbel Fox is a total hottie. But what makes him so special is that he’s so much better than all the guys you meet on Tinder. Abbel is the real deal.

Not only does he like sex, but he also likes cool things outside of fucking. He enjoys spending time outdoors as well as indoors just doing the fun things we all want to do with a boyfriend.

“I like to take advantage of my free time to spend time with nature, I really enjoy being in remote places of the city and feeling that peace and that silence that the city itself does not give. I quite like going to the gym and maintaining a routine, although sometimes I lose my mind a bit eating hamburgers, hehe, by the way, I really like junk food, hahaha. I like to watch movies, if possible, with good company (I hope you are that person).”

How can anyone say no to a man like him? He’s the whole package.

Abbel has also been camming on for more than a year. Some of his fetishes are collar and leash, feet, and rimming. Better to have it done to him since he has an ass that looks fucking delish.

He can be your beau or he can be your bestie. He’s here for all your needs.

“Hot but romantic at the same time. You can have a great time with me, but I can also be your support and I can listen to you whenever you need it.”

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Spanish Cam Stud Johan Williams is the New Guy of Our Dreams

Johan Williams started camming earlier this summer on It’s been three months to be exact. In that short time, he’s scored his way to the top of gay cams. Wonder why…

He’s a muscle man and a total top. But maybe that could change in enough time if he’s willing to fuck himself so we can all watch for our viewing pleasure. After all, every top secretly wants to bottom.

Before we get to the fucking, let’s get a little background about Johan:

“Hi guys, I’m going to tell you a little about me, I love the sea, I like animals a lot. One of the things that I love the most is to train, I like to meet people and learn about other cultures since each person is a different world. I do not like monotony. I fight for everything that I propose. My biggest dream is to travel all over the world. My favorite food is Mexican. I really like American music, especially Queen – We Will Rock You. I would very much like to meet Paris, Italy, the United States, the Arab Emirates and if in your country there is something great, I would love to meet you. I am very passionate about speed, reading action books, self-reflection, and motivation.”

But when the moment builds up, then we can let this guy plow us!

“I would love to meet a person who is measured that we can fuck anywhere and at any time.”

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Benjamin Jay is Waiting For You To Join Him in a Lustful Show

Benjamin Jay has been camming for six months now. He’s all set to get seductive and passionate in a lustful show next week.

The show is set for Monday, Sep. 20 at 2 p.m. EST.

A little idea on what to expect from this 23-year-old.

“I would like to get to know each other while we are undressing and creating a strong bond that could last forever. From a love connection to a master and slave bond, I am very versatile and eager to release my wildest fantasies.”

If we can get an amazing show by joining Benjamin, then we can definitely expect more. After less than a year, this guy has proven himself worthy as one of the stars on

So far, he’s been enjoying discipline, glory holes, smoking, and his tickler. He’s super cute and he speaks Spanish. It’ll be a good look for him when he’s on all fours showing off exactly what we want to get our faces into.

Fans are craving more of Benjamin right now:

“Be it a long or short Private Session with Young Model Benjamin Jay, you are sure to be pleased with this young man’s performance in attending to your every need responsively and with great care. Ben is an upward climber in the Modeling industry, I look forward to many more private sessions with Ben.”

“Benjamin is an energetic young man whose personality is warm and inviting.”

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Watch Abrahan, Sean, Marcus, and Alessandros Fuck in Group Party

You know what can only be better than live sex with a hot guy? Live sex with FOUR hot guys!

Abrahan, Sean, Marcus, and Alessandros are four sexy Latino men who can enjoy a group fuck like no other. These guys are super kinky and just had a great live gay chat show on last week.

There’s a lot of blowjobs and bottoming happening. The guys are naked the whole time and love a hard fuck.

Watch the full video right here!

Their most recent fan loves watching them play around…

“Took these 4 men private for 10 minutes and they had a hot gang bang. Sean (the bottom boy took it like a champ and slut in his ass and mouth. I loved it. Master Clements says to them thank you so much :-)”

After only two weeks of camming and these guys are already one of the top group models on gay cams! All it took was one show for these guys to score to the top of live sex. We can only imagine how many more shows we’re about to see with lots more hot bottom shots and sloppy blowjobs.

Just wait and see how things go in their next live performance…maybe we’ll see all four guys blow their loads all at the same time all over each other. The more cum we see, the hotter the shows we can look forward to.

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Mikk Arden Has a Birthday Coming Soon, Let’s Make it the Best One Yet!

Mikk Arden has been camming for three years now. He’s given us some incredible shows in his time on and now his birthday is happening soon!

He turns 23 on October 3rd. One of the best presents you can give him is lots of attention. He loves making connections before he makes an epic cumshot.

He also enjoys facesitting, giantism, and nipple play. So if you want to lick his chest or eat his ass, then that will be a nice birthday. After all, he’s got a nice cake that looks so tasty.

Mikk is a Czech guy and one of the Belami boys. You know how freaky they like to get on gay cams. We can only imagine how nasty this hottie likes to get on his big day.

Check out his reviews:

“Mikk is a really great model, I keep coming back for more. Not only for his amazing PVT shows but also for his great personality and rapport with all users in his room. 5 stars for the Best!”

“Mikk is so amazing. His personality is so warming and his physique outstanding. He pleases his viewers.”

“Always a hot time with this gentle giant. Highly recommend a show with him.”

A ‘gentle giant’ says it all since Mikk does have a thing for giantism…what a fun way to get started with this hunk. So let’s wish this guy a Happy Birthday while blowing his warm candle. Wink wink!

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